2021 registration is Opening April 24 2021

In 2021 the Gators will ONLY offer 3 distinct programs

1) Competitive Swimmer - this is the main program and includes all swimmers who are eligible to swim in competitive swim meets, these include swimmers aged 5-99 and can swim a full length of the pool unassisted. Our regular Gator swimmers will be further divided into practice groups based on times and ability levels. They swim 3-6 times per week.
Seniors: is for swimmers who are adept at all the strokes, turns and dives. They focus on speed and efficiency to win competitions.
Juniors: is for swimmers who can do all 4 strokes and are working on continuing to develop their turns, dives and strokes. They train more than the development group and have a focus on competing. A junior needs to be able to swim a minimum of 50m continuously at the beginning of the season.
Development: is for swimmers who can do freestyle and backstroke and are starting to work on butterfly and breaststroke. They are begin work diving off the blocks and start working on turns including flip turns. They should be able to swim 25m or almost 25m on their front and/or back. Development is less competitive and focuses mainly on developing skills. Ages 7 -10
  Fees: $400.00, this year includes ALL swim meet fees ($100 Family Volunteer Cheque - Destroyed once volunteering completed)

2) NOT AVAILABLE IN 2021 Grow-A-Gator - for children who are not yet comfortable swimmers but able to move across the pool unassisted a minimum of 10 m. Typically for children 4-7 years of age. If your child is in this category please be prepared to do a swim test during registration. They swim 3 times/week for 30-45 minutes.
Grow 2/3: are putting strokes together and working on defining basics as well as endurance up to 25m. (Level 3/4 in Swim kids Red Cross)
Grow 1: can comfortably float, put their faces in the water for 5 seconds and are working on defevoping swimming skills such as front & back glide with kick, roll-overs, side glides and beginning arm circles. (Level 2/3 in Swim Kids red Cross)
    Fees: $325, this year includes ALL swim meet fees ($200 Family Volunteer Cheque - Destroyed once volunteering completed)

3) NOT AVAILABLE 2021 Hatchlings - for brand new swimmers to become comfortable in the water and learn some solid skills to get them on the road to being true swimmers. The Hatchlings program is for children who cannot swim independently, must be 3 years of age as of May 1 of the current swim season. This program begins in the Tot/Teach pool
    Fees: $300, our hatchlings will not attend swim meets ($200 Volunteer Cheque - Destroyed once volunteering completed)

Please Print Forms and Bring Them With You. They were sent in the email. If you need a copy please request one sent to you.