Head Coach Aiden

                Hi  Gators! I am super excited to be returning to the the club as head coach for my third year with the club. This is my third year coaching for the Gators and I'm looking forward to this year the most! I've been swimming ever since I was 8 for a handful of different clubs including Red Deer Catalina Swim Club spending most of my years with the Lacombe Dolphins. I plan on using all my experience around the pool to help my swimmers achieve their own goals in doing the best they can

                                                                  COACH CALEB

I I feel like I grew up in a pool. I have been involved in the competitive swimming world since I was 10 both as a swimmer and as a coach...I am now 23. I am looking forward to being part of the Gators' coaching team. This will be my 5th season with the club, and I am looking forward to watching the swimmers develop over the next 4 months. I have recently finished a Bachelors Degree in music at the Ambrose University in Calgary and will beheaded off to  lethbridge this fall to begin a 2 year B Ed Degree. In my other life I am a pianist, a composer, and a piano teacher. 

                                                                    COACH EMILY

Hello, My name is Emily David. I’m 17 years old and super excited to be a Gators coach this season. I have been swimming with the Ponoka Gators for the past 10 years and was a volunteer coach with the club last year. In the off-season I figure skate, run cross country, play badminton, compete in track and field, and bake. My favourite thing about swimming is the competition of the sport as well as the family atmosphere in the Ponoka Gators Swim Club.

                                                                                                             COACH ZOE